Anonymous & Webcam Work Available
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Erotique Entertainment, an employer since 2004, has always had opportunities for a range of models/performers, from amateur to professional, and from anonymous to well known.

For our main porn star live broadcasts, we use reliable agencies or reputable adult performers who self-book. We have had success featuring amateur models on the live show also, including wearing masks so as to perform anonymously.

We also can set you up to do webcam either at home (regardless of your location) or utilizing our studio, and you can make money whenever you want to work on our cam site

The newest opportunity for women in the Los Angeles area is to shoot the high heel / foot / leg fetish material, which can be done anonymously - for example shooting with your face not shown. This can be non-contact or involve various levels of contact with the feet/legs or other areas. Rates vary accordingly.

Many amateur girls, promo models, mainstream models, and even Laker Girls have shot this material, usually many repeat times, with great success.

We have always been able to work out something right for interested parties that they feel totally comfortable with. All aspects are discussed and agreed on before any shoot.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, text or email Eric John directly at 310-994-8540 or

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